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Thanks for checking out our blog page. We hope you find the content here of value and help you to choose the right solutions for you. We will update our blog regularly and will be posting more content around our exciting collaborations with our partners, who together help us meet all business IT requirements.

Download the following guides to see how we can help you with managed print.

New ways to save money with managed print. Using a modern approach to reduce costs, and help business adapt to a new way of working. Here are some guides that explain a little further what we do to help you get the most for your printing assets.

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Business Printers

Eco Friendly Printing

Eco Friendly Printing Back in May 2019 the UK government announced a climate crisis! Now in 2020 what have we changed? …
Business Printers

Managed Print

Managed Print? Is it worth the cost? Managed print? Is it worth the cost. After all a quick google search and …

The Cost of Downtime

The Cost of Downtime Simply put, no one talks about the cost of downtime in the context of your printer or …

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We have developed our fix before failure service around it.

Our device are all carbon offset with the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme.

We do this because, like you we care about our future and want to reduce the damage that is being done to our planet. Together we can make a difference.

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