There's A Revolution Happening With Your Office Photocopier!

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A Service For The Future

Hello and Welcome to Datum Office Technologies. We are changing the way your office printer is looked after. 

Gone are the days of phoning for an engineer callout. We are able to predict and prevent almost all faults from happening, leaving you more time to spend on the things important to your business. 

Save time and money with a more efficient, revolutionary service for your office print infrastructure

What Our Customers Say...

I met Kenny over a year ago and immediately his passion for quality managed print and his business was clear for me to see. Kenny conducted a review into our current printing system, explaining it in simple terms of what our current costs were and how much he could save us per sheet of A4. As well as saving us money, he explained how his technology could alert him if anything was due to go wrong in the printer before it actually did, meaning minimal disruption to our work.
To anyone who uses print as part of their work, or maybe feels they are spending a lot on printing, I can’t recommend Kenny and Datum Office Technologies highly enough.
Insurance Broker
Excellent customer service. Very helpful. We had several ongoing issues with our printers that we're all fixed by Datum Office Technologies, and we've had no problems with them since. Would highly recommend. Great company. Lovely staff.
Customer Service
Kenny from Datum Office Technology’s attention to detail and passion for customer service is second to none. It was only a simple 2 minute job for him but something that had been cause my business problem for months, any print issues just call 100% recommend
Digital Marketer

Our Services Included (as standard)

Free Reviews

Picking your next photocopier is not as easy as some may think. Our experts can help guide you with a free review of your current setup and options to consider for your new solution.

With a no jargon approach we can make picking a new photocopier or printer simple.

Preventative Service

Over 90% of engineer visits we conduct are initiated by us. We monitor for signs of failure and act as soon as the probability rises.

This means you can focus more of your time on your business, rather than getting the printer to work!

No Additional Charges

The benefit of operating a preventative service is that it is more efficient.

The result is, those niggling charges such as scanned page or toner delivery charges have no place at Datum. We even prohibit in our agreements to protect you.

About Datum

Datum was setup to offer our customers more than what was on offer in managed print. As the industry changed, with more digital methods being used our industry changed too. We tried to integrate more to IT systems and to try and replace that revenue lost from less printing being used.

Unfortunately for consumers, the service provided has changed very little with these other changes. But as technology has advanced so has the ability to completely revolutionise the service on offer. This is where Datum is leading the way.

We predict and prevent faults to vastly improve the customer experience with our products. 

We do this because we believe that our customers deserve the best, and nothing less.


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