About Datum

Why we want to change the world of managed print forever.

What Our Mission

Datum set out to change the way that managed print was offered and improve the practices that went on within the industry. Two years in and we are doing just that!

What may seem like a fairly minor change moving from reactive to proactive service, has massive repercussions. It allows us to change our business model to one that is scalable and targeted to the future of managed print rather than chasing the spoils of the past. It means we can manage our service in an environmentally sustainable way that financially benefits you. 

Our mission is to build the future of our industry around how our customer want to use print. Not to hinder them in their activities.

Office Print Engineer

About Datum

Datum is a small business based in South Wales, we cover mainly the South West of England and South Wales. Though we have national coverage. 

Our approach is to help you, not just to save money but time effort and inconvenience. Our account executive can guide you through the process of upgrading you office print machinery. Our founder Kenny comes from a service background and firmly believes that service should always begin long before one of our devices makes it’s way through a door. 

Datum Office Technologies Limited, is a company registered in England and Wales.

01656 470011