Eco Friendly Printing

Back in May 2019 the UK government announced a climate crisis! Now in 2020 what have we changed? The problem is that there are reasons why we cannot adopt clean technologies at the rate most people wish to. Particularly in business, this can be hard to do. With all the best efforts in the world some things just aren’t possible yet. The paperless office is not a reality, in fact paper consumption is generally rising with 26% of all paper produced, being used for printing or writing. It is clear therefore that eco friendly printing options can play a vital role in reducing emissions in the UK. 

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Paper production can be particularly harmful to the environment with up to 1 tonne of CO2 being for each tonne of paper produced. Carbon off setting is a technique to limit the effects on the environment. But what if you could remove the need to buy so much paper without going paperless? This could provide businesses with a saving of money and helping them fulfil environmental policies and commitments. Now, thanks to Toshiba you now can!


Erasable Toner, Eco Friendly Printing!

Eco Friendly Printing

Erasable toner? Reusing paper will reduce paper consumption, which will help reduce paper production and as a result will mean less carbon dioxide is emitted. Simple really, but how will this fit into your business? Well if you produce temporary documents that either get scanned in or used for internal use only and then shredded, perhaps it can.

The Toshiba e-Studio 5008LP range prints in black and white and Erasable Blue, when printed in blue the paper can be erased and reused up to 5 times. Meaning every ream of paper you print in blue toner will save another box of paper being consumed. One ream instead of six, meaning 5 reams saved or 1 box of paper saved. 

"Many now consider environmental risks, such as droughts and wildfires, to be even more dangerous than turbulent markets, cyberattacks or geopolitical snafus." - CNN

"It may not seem like it yet, but climate change is altering the world so drastically that all enterprises will need to undergo a transformation to avoid going extinct." - Forbes

Why Change?

This is a fair question, after all no change is easier than change. Or is it? The attitudes of your customers are changing. According to a YouGov poll 27% of britons put the environment in their top 3 concerns. If you look at younger britons 45% of this demographic put it as one of our most pressing concerns. It is highly unlikely therefore that this topic is going away. Changing opinions and government legislations will make the environmental matters impossible for companies to ignore. But changing consumer attitudes surrounding environmental matters may well mean companies won’t want to ignore it. 

The cost of environmentally friendly options are often cited as reason not to change, but the reduction in consumption of paper can offset that cost. In some cases it may make financial sense to do just that. Thankfully you can take the guess work out of the equation by using our handy calculator below. 

Off setting the savings made by reducing the amount of paper can make the investment worthwhile. From an environmental point of view the potential saving in carbon dioxide alone make this an obvious choice if the circumstances permit.

Limiting the use of other precious natural resources such as water, used in the manufacturing process of paper adds to the environmental benefit.

It is inevitable as our customers buying habits change to take environmental factors into account, so will ours. Taking into account environmental factors now, will keep your business ahead of the curve. Keeping the reputation of your business intact in your customers eyes. 

Please Note: Calculations in this calculator are based around 80 gsm paper at £5 per ream of office printer paper or 1p per sheet. 

The world is changing, so are our customers views. If businesses don't adapt, they risk losing touch with their customers.

Why Should I choose Datum?

Our Fix Before Failure is the reason. We have gone on about how we take advantage of efficiencies in maintenance techniques. But not how much this can benefit the environment.  By taking advantage of the forecasting that this system allows us to, we can route engineer visits better. Increase the first time fix rate, by getting parts directly to you when you need them, reducing unnecessary journeys.

This improvements allows us to choose environmentally friendly options like ditching diesel cars, which is bad for air quality. Moving to smaller more environmentally friendly options. These efficiencies help us reduce our carbon footprint. 

At Datum all of our new machines come as part of the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme, this offsets the carbon used in manufacturing. All of these factors mean you get the lowest carbon option when you choose Datum Office Technologies.

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