How to pick the Best Office Printer for Your Business!

Picking the best office printer is not just about choosing the right number of pages per minute or the latest software solution. Sure, they are important and something to consider so you get the right hardware for your business. But the real difference between the brands is the service you get from your service provider.

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So how do you go about choosing your service provider?

At a minimum you should get automatic toner ordering and meter reading collection.

If your prospective supplier doesn’t offer this, you really are dealing with the wrong people. In a world where everything is connected making sure your machine is has sufficient toner is essential. Unless your machine cannot have access to a network this is a must have.

What about your print volumes?

Each printer has a specified monthly volume, usually and average and a maximum. This is really the first service you will get from your prospective supplier, once you have engaged in a conversation with them this should be one of their first questions. Ensuring that these minimum requirements are met of extreme importance, it can be the difference between reliability and not.

Not having a plan for your service will cost you in more ways than you think.

Does your rep make bold claims, such as it will never breakdown? Why do you need a service agreement then?

The service is the determining factor of quality of any device on the market today

A plan for your service?

Servicing a printer should be similar to any other machine, it has moving parts they wear and therefore, many of the faults in a modern-day printer is to be expected. Having a plan to ensure the effectiveness of your machine limits downtime and ensures you get the most productivity out of your device. There are many ways to do this; periodic maintenance checks are one way, our Fix Before Failure service is another, more advanced, way.

Do you trust they can deliver what they promise?

If they do all of these things, then chances are you can. But this is a far more subjective question, when they are discussing these key points, do they talk with confidence? After all, in today’s world the need to print is far less. This means that each time you print it is important and hence there is never a good time for it to breakdown. So, ensuring that your prospective supplier can actually deliver this service is of upmost importance. 

So which is the best office printer?

The answer is the one with the best service, and whilst every manufacturer has their own method of support, one stands out. It is for this reason Datum Office Technologies is an authorised reseller of Toshiba Office Printing devices. These devices are manufactured excellently and will provide your office solutions you will need to integrate it perfectly into your office. In addition to this the support for its engineers and resellers is beyond compare. 



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Whilst our plan of service is different to others, all of this is pointless without a great support from our chosen manufacturer. This ensures that all our hard work is backed up with a brilliant support structure, supply chain and after sales care. After all you want to be in the safest possible hands with any investment for your business, your printer should be no different. 

Drop us an email, we could be able to help you.

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