Reduce The Cost of Downtime

Who is managing your managed print service? Do you want to reduce the time that key operators spend on printers by 82%? Our Fix before Failure service uses modern techniques not seen before in managed print to predict failure and, as the name suggests, fix it ahead of time. This innovation increases productivity in the work place and operational efficiency. Saving you time, and removing all the added extras you now have to pay with your managed print service, such as scanning and toner delivery. 

Designed by Datum in house our Fix Before Failure service will save you time and make your company more productive saving you money. These techniques are not used in managed print widely but our investment in this technology, gives you the ability to have a hassle free experience. The money you spend on printing can be significant and getting value for money can be difficult to find, this service changes the metrics significantly. 


Reducing downtime can save you hours of time each year.
Common faults are predictable from before the machine even enters your building
Most companies rely on you to tell them when the machine has gone wrong.
So who is managing your managed print service?

Changing Things for the Better.

I have noticed a number of things change during my time in this industry, generally as technology has improved or become obsolete. But I have been staggered by how sluggish change has been to the way our industry operates. After all, the vast majority of service departments operate on a reactive basis, whereby an engineer will only visit once you have alerted them to a problem. But like many engineers who work in this industry when I install a machine I know it will breakdown.

Before I started Datum, I used to be asked: “the salesman said these machines won’t jam, is that true?”. Or “Is it true that these machines are so reliable now they won’t go wrong?”. None of this is true. The amount of issues you will face will depend on the amount you print. This is because there are parts that are designed to wear out before the machine does. Therefore some parts will need changing and hence it will breakdown.



So why, when we can record a TV program from our phones, or send an email from almost anywhere in the world, can we not stop a fault when we know it will happen?

Fix Before Failure, a reality

Following a huge amount of research and development we have come up with a system that will do just that. So you will no longer have wait for your machine to misfeed so much, causing such an inconvenience, that you have to call an engineer to come out. Our system looks for patterns in misfeeds to identify the wearing of components. It identifies this pattern at the earliest possible point so we can resolve it before it becomes an issue. Or perhaps you want to avoid lines on the print out that is being presented to one of your key clients, our system spots the early warning signs of that too.

The minute we get this information we will order a part, if its required, and get it out to you in time for your engineer to arrive and fix it ahead of the breakdown. No failure, no waiting, no hassle. 

The system we created, will detect and prevent up to 82% of the call outs you make. If you average one call out a month that is an average saving of forty hours a year not waiting for for the engineer to just respond to your phone call, if you add a parts delay for one of these calls it can be much longer. The loss in productivity as a result of your printer failing, in some cases, can amount to thousands of pounds over the term of ownership of your printer.

The inefficiencies of this service are being clawed back by some managed print companies in the form of additional charges. These charges such as toner delivery charges, scanned page charge and minimum billing are all ways of recovering these costs. Costs of inefficiencies are being passed back to the customer and what’s worse, it is the customer who pays both in these additional costs and in ineffective service. Therefore, unfairly costing the the customer potentially hundreds if not thousands of pounds in unnecessary additional and productivity costs.

"Up to 82% of call outs on your printer are predictable. Preventing this could save you £££ over the term of ownership"

Reduce the cost of downtime

All of this means, there is a way to reduce the cost of downtime, improve the productivity of your office and save money. With the Office for National Statistics showing a fall in productivity from April to June 2019, partnering with people who can add marginal gains in each area, can add up to significant gains for your business. For some businesses this maybe prove to be an invaluable resource that can help them hit their deadlines.

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Having a plan for your maintenance is the only way to reduce downtime, improve productivity and to save you money, directly and indirectly with your office printers. 

So that’s how we have improved our service to you, and how we have innovated a system to help our customers. So you can spend more time on the things that matter to you, not the printer. Don’t allow your printer to let you down! Reduce the cost of downtime in your office. Drop us an email using the form below and one of our experts will be in contact to help you.

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